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Ski trip by camper

Relive with us the magnificent experience of discovering the best ski centres in Latin America.

Traveling by camper is by far the best way to discover all the snow slopes in Chile & Argentina for beginners and professionals. The different advantages like having access to your own kitchen, therefore saving (lots of) money by having breakfast, lunch and dinner in your fully equipped camper, and resting on your comfortable couch will give you the feeling of having your own hotel. Holiday Rent lived the adventure in the mountains and explored the most beautiful slopes for you.

When you arrive by camper at the ski slopes, find a save and comfortable place to park and stay the night close to the entrance. Take care that the camper will be parked on a horizontal piece of ground, for your best sleeping position. Be prepared that it can be seriously cold at night. However, with the right clothes and good preparation you will be fine and comfortable (read our tips at the end). Check what time the slopes will open and you will be the first to get your ticket the next morning to have the mountains and well prepared smooth ski-slopes just for you, how awesome!

Time to start the snow fun; get in the chairlift and get surprised by the beautiful surroundings. When you are on the top of the mountain the real fun will start. As soon as you get out of the lift, you will realize that you are in the middle of the breathtaking Andean Mountains. Going forward you will hear the snow crackling and slipping away under your skis, the wind blows into your face, you breathe in the fresh air and you will experience the feeling of freedom. If you are as lucky as we were, the biggest birds of the Andean, the condor, may fly above you in the sky, circulating on the wind. It feels like a gift from nature that we could experience such a great moment.

A few hours and many ski miles later it is time to get new energy. The camper is waiting for us to warm up with a tea and to prepare lunch. After a short break of recharge, we feel ready again to play in the snow on the mountains.

In the afternoon we explore the rest of the slopes, and the one we like the most we do several times. We end the day with a satisfied feeling and it is time to make it ourselves comfortable in the camper. We cook our meal, make another tea and also put hot water in our water bags to warm up our bed. The evening is perfect to listen music, read a book, play games, and to watch the great pictures we took. When we talk about our trip, there is only one conclusion; traveling by camper is definitely the best way to explore and experience the many beautiful ski slopes in Chile & Argentina.

  • Make sure you bring snow chains (which you can rent at Holiday Rent). Even it is not necessary to put them, if there is a police control you are obligated to have them with you.
  • Bring your thermos to keep your tea or coffee warm.
  • Bring a hot water bag to put in hot water to put in bed. If you do not have one or forgot, an alternative is to fill a plastic bottle with warm water.
  • Bring a 12 volt transformer with USB exit, to charge your phone in camper and car.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen.
  • For students; bring your student pass, it is possible you will get a discount.
  • Try to avoid the weekends or leave the ski slope early in the afternoon (before 15.00 hrs) to avoid traffic jam
  • Be aware there is a possibility that the border will close due bad weather conditions. Check the daily updated status on


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