Photos of Camper adventures throughout South America

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Bruni & Günter

Our experience with the 4x4 camper through the far north of Chile and the northwest of Argentina, in August 2016 and 2017:

Who loves to travel self-organized and independent, this way of traveling is the best way to enjoy many facets of unique and natural landscapes and also to meet the people and see how they live. This 4x4 camper is very recommendable. It offers freedom that we are less familiar with in Europe. By camper you can reach very remote places over long gravel roads and over large height differences. Even at 4800 m altitude in the local winter drove this camper easily.

Many times we stayed in the middle of the nature and admire the sensational starry sky in frosty temperatures at night. We experienced two sandstorms in the Altiplano, had breakfast in the Andean highlands while the Llamas came to visit us. We enjoyed the morning sun in the warm water of thermal springs, watching smoking volcanoes, and were invited to try home-baked bread from the village women in the high Andes. We also experienced the flowering Atacama desert and enjoyed the wonderful sunset over the waves of the Pacific, watching from our camping chairs with a good red wine…

We would like to thank the entire Holiday Rent team in Santiago de Chile, in particular Sandra, Ruth and Marlou, for the extremely friendly and smooth service, both in emails and telephone calls and in taking over and returning the camper.

Bruni & Günter

Antofagasta, El mano del desierto  
Parque Nacional Morro Moreno  
Aguas Calientes y Piedras Rojas  
Parque Lauca, Termas de Polloquere  
Laguna Quisquiro  
Argentina, Passo de Jama  
Argentina, Cafayate to Colomé  
Bodega Colomé  
Argentina, Humahuaca  
Argentina, Río Jruya  
Salinas Grandes del Noroeste  
Cerro Toco (5600 m)  
Cerro Toco, Chajnantor-Plateau  
Chile, Copec  
Chile, Copiapo  

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