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Chile wins a new

Chile wins a new 'Oscar of Tourism' as the Best Green Destination in the World 2022


For the third time in history, Chile was awarded as the Best Green Destination in the World in the twenty-ninth version of the World Travel Awards, awards also known as the 'Oscars of Tourism'. The award recognizes the existence and promotion of nature destinations and the planning, development and promotion of responsible and sustainable tourism experiences with the environment…

With the rise of experiential tourism, added to the greater awareness of the damage caused to the planet by human intervention and unfriendly practices with the environment, this award that highlights the value of initiatives to discover, enjoy and appreciate the ecological, aesthetic and ethical aspects of green forms of tourism.

Holiday Rent RV has been committed to the Environment for years.

Our Great National Parks of Patagonia

Our Great National Parks of Patagonia


Have you had the opportunity to see the documentary “Our Great National Parks”, where the former President of the United States Barack Obama, visits the Chilean Patagonia?

No wonder Patagonia is one of the greatest places in the world. They managed to record in a spectacular way the virgin nature with its typical animals such as pumas, penguins, the leopard seal and the condor.

Many of our travelers have been lucky enough to also encounter this fauna, when they have traveled in our campers through Chilean Patagonia. The advantage of traveling in this modality is that you can stay in or near the national parks, being the closest way to connect with the environment.…

The documentary which can be seen on Netflix is definitely a “must-see”. We recommend you see this wonder and get inspired to travel by camper through Patagonia, or if you already did, you will recognize the beautiful landscape where you have been.
If you would like to live an unforgettable experience? Contact us to receive more information about the area and our campers.

World Travel Awards 2021

World Travel Awards 2021

December 2021

For the 8th year in a row Chile has been elected South America's Leading Adventure Tourism Destination in 2021, ahead of 6 other South American nominees.

Besides that Chile's magnificent Atacama desert has been elected South America's Most Romantic Destination 2021

The World Travel Awards have been granted since 1993 to recognize world tourism and are considered the Oscars of the sector.

Holiday Rent RV at the Chilean, National Rodeo Championship.

Holiday Rent RV at the Chilean, National Rodeo Championship.


On the weekend of October 8th, 2021 we were present at the 72nd National Rodeo Championship, which took place in the “Monumental Medialuna” in Rancagua.

Rodeo is a typical Chilean equestrian sport based on speed and contact, in which some riders take part on Chilean horses. You have to drive and contain a young ox three times in a row, on two quilted fields within a crescent moon.

Our campers were used by the television team Campo Abierto TV, which broadcast the championship through various media.

A great interest in our campers was generated among the visitors and participants of the event, as they got to know them and discovered that it is possible to travel comfortably and freely in them.

We invite you to discover the most remote and impressive corners and places of Chile.
Travel differently, travel with us!

Carretera Austral Offer

Carretera Austral Offer

General conditions
  • Return place to choose within our Arica, Calama, Puerto Varas and Punta Arenas stations at no cost
  • Delivery of the camper at our offices in Santiago de Chile, Puerto Varas and Punta Arenas
  • Hours every day of the week 9.00-16.00
  • Second driver included
  • Fully sanitized
  • Valid for trips in the month of November 2021
  • Credit card with a minimum limit of $1,400,000 Chilean pesos for the guarantee
  • Minimum age 25 years

Experience the natural paradise of Chile with National Geographic

Experience the natural paradise of Chile with National Geographic


Looking to inspire your clients' future travel plans?
The main tourist attractions and hidden gems of Chile have been presented in From arid deserts to tidal glaciers, Chile presents an impressive range of experiences and activities that will broaden the perspective of any traveler and allow them to venture into a unique earthly paradise that can only be found in the most stretched out country in the world.

Venture into the wild open spaces of Chile
NatGeo's Krista Rossow writes: "Everything is more intense in Chile. The wind does not blow, but howls. The mountains do not loom, but reign. Even the shape of this long and narrow country adds to its rugged character, and rewards those who are not intimidated by long distances."
Explore Chile through stunning photographs
Although Chile remains closed to foreign travelers, the images presented in this report will allow future visitors to contemplate and explore to be inspired by the beauty of the South American country, without leaving the comfort of their homes.
Get inspired!

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