Why travel by Camper: 8 reasons to travel by camper

Why travel by Camper?  

8 reasons to travel by camper

The year 2020 is marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone had to get used to living with restrictions and for months it was impossible to travel. When we can travel, we want to take care of our health, take care of nature and enjoy free time. The safest way for an unforgettable vacation is definitely a camper trip.
We will share 8 reasons why this is so:

  1. Fully equipped camper
    Most of the campers have a kitchen, bathroom, shower, dishwasher, (hot) water, heating, bed, refrigerator, dining table and space to store your equipment. It also comes with all the kitchen utensils, camping table and chairs, water tank, and grey water tank. Gas bottles and solar panel is also included. You have your house on wheels that takes you where you want.
  2. Health security
    More than ever the issue of health security is important and a camper facilitate this security. Because the campers are fully equipped, it is not necessary to use the camping facilities. The reduction in the use of common areas is evident, while the control of the hygiene of the space depends exclusively on ourselves.
  3. Social distancing
    Traveling by camper is the best way to maintain social distancing. Being in nature, by the sea (outside the cities) or surrounded by mountains allows you to be calm and relaxed and away from groups of people. You can go and stay for days in nature and thus avoid contagion.
  4. Freedom and Flexibility
    No plan and no rush. Go when and where you want, you decide the rhythm of your holidays. It may be that you arrive at a place that fascinates you and you would like to stay longer. Or the opposite, it is not what I expected and you continue to the next destination. You will have the sunset and the sunrise wherever you want. Let yourself be surprised every day and feel maximum freedom.
  1. Save time and money
    In camper you will arrive directly to the place where you want to be. You don't have to spend money on hotels and restaurants, because you already have your accommodation on wheels and the kitchen within reach.
  2. A trip for everyone
    Our clients are of all ages. Families with their baby, friends and travelers who are over 80 years and still love this style of travel. It is the perfect way to bond, be together and share an unforgettable trip.
  3. Combine the trip with your favorite activity
    Chile has besides a beautiful nature, also many activities to offer which can be perfectly combined in a camper trip. Would you like to mountain bike? We can place a bike rack on the back of the camper.
    Are you a fan of surfing? Chile is world famous for its waves and on top of the camper you can take your board.
    Or would you like more to be next to the rivers to fish? You can store all the equipment in the camper or vehicle. There is everything for everyone: from outdoor sports to astronomy, vineyards, etc.
  4. Possible all year round
    Most of our clients travel in high season (November - March), but Chile has spectacular places to discover all year round. The advantage of the low season is that the rental values ​​are cheaper, there is less tourism and it is the perfect season for winter sports enthusiasts. It is also the best moment to go North and get to know the Atacama region or cross the border with Peru or / and Bolivia.

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