Rent or buy a camper in Chile: which is the best option for you?

Rent or buy a camper in Chile:  

Rent or buy a camper in Chile: which is the best option for you?

Traveling by camper is a dream for many.
If you have thought about traveling this way, we would like to help you make the best decision; rent or buy a camper.
The decision depends on several factors, which we will explain here.

  • Frequency
    Renting a camper is generally for short trips, like a few weeks. Most of our clients rent an average of 21 days. For these relatively short trips, or when it is the first trip by camper, it is advisable to rent a camper. Once having the experience of traveling by a camper, one can make the decision to buy or not. There are several clients who return for the third or fourth time, generally the travelers like to see the world and rent a camper for several weeks in one country, instead of taking charge of shipping the camper to other continents. But if you are one of these people who sold your house, quit your job and have all the time in the world to travel? It is convenient to buy a camper and transform it into your home.
  • Delivery / return
    The delivery and return process when you rent a camper is easy and relatively fast. After booking you just have to go and pick up the camper which we deliver fully equipped. Our team provides useful information and tips for the trip. You can also start the trip in one place and end in another and we take care of the transfer of the vehicle.
  • Documents and maintenance
    In the case of renting a camper, Holiday Rent RV takes care of all the documents, maintenance, technical review, border crossing, etc. You just can enjoy the trip and do what you like to do. On the contrary, when you buy a camper, you have to take care on your own about all we just mentioned.
  • 24/7 assistance and insurance
    When you rent a camper, 24/7 assistance and insurance is included. You just have to call our customer service and we organize the assistance you need. If you buy a camper, you have to organize and solve everything yourself.
  • Liberty
    Traveling by camper is a unique experience where you feel maximum freedom. This feeling is the same when you rent or buy, but when the camper is yours you will have even more freedom. There is no need to think about the date or place to return the camper and you can travel without limited mileage. If you have your own camper, you can remove it from the car, in this way you can use the car without having to carry the camper. This is a great advantage of a camper over a motorhome (where the car and camper are integrated).
  • Pandemic
    During the pandemic, traveling by camper became popular since you can be isolated from people and can travel by camper that works completely autonomously. Due to all the restrictions, it was difficult to travel but the advantage of buying a camper is that you can live in it for a while and go to the regions where it is allowed. Renting a camper will also be a good option, but it is more risky if you would like to go to places that will unexpectedly go into quarantine and you have a deadline in the lease.
  • Values
    The values ​​to rent a camper depend on the number of days, the rental season, location of delivery / return and the camper model. If you have a travel plan and would like to know how much the rental cost will be, write to us at and we will send a quote. The prices in the case of buying a camper are very varied, it depends if the camper is new or used, or if it is of national manufacture or imported.
  • New and used campers
    When considering buying a camper, you have to take several factors into account, among them is the decision between buying a new or used camper. If you buy a used camper, this does not mean that the camper is not in good condition. As a company, we have several used campers available which are in perfect condition. These campers are for sale since our company has a policy of renewing campers every few years and replacing them with new ones. In the case of wanting to buy a new camper, we are representatives of the prestigious American brand Northstar. When buying a Northstar camper you have the possibility to configure the camper and choose which accessories to add to them, in this way you can equip it how you like to. On our website you will find what we have for sale: used campers, new campers, used vehicles and camper with vehicle.

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