Photos of Camper adventures throughout South America

Client pictures  

Ute & Werner

"Tour of Ute and Werner by North-West Argentina and Northern Chile August 2010"

"With the 4x4 Camper by Holiday Rent we were very pleased. This vehicle has never let us down and we went everywhere. It offers enough space for two people and is the ideal motorhome for South America. Thank you for your good service. We will recommend you.."

Camping Los Pinguines near Caleta Pan de Azucar Chile 
Camping Manantiales de Panquehue nearSan Felipe Chile 
Chakana Mountain Lodge in Putre 3500 m Chile 
Hacienda Los Andes in Hurtada Chile 
Inside the Camper 
Kitchen and living room in the camper 
Lake Chungara 4570 m with Parinacota 6330 m Chile 
Towards Antofagasta de la Sierra Argentina 
Towards Chilecito Argentina 
Towards Susques Argentina 
Filling up in Susques Argentina 
From Uspallata Towards Mendoza Argentina 
Laguna Conchali near Los Vilos Chile 
Mobile Police station near Salar de Hombre muerto Argentina 
Guallatiri Volcano 6063 m Chile 
Two cyclists from Australia near LakeChungara 4570 m Chile 
Between Antofagasta de la Sierra and Salar de Hombre muerto Argentina 
Between San Antonio de los Cobres and Susques Argentina 

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