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Third campertrip with Holiday Rent

Third campertrip with Holiday Rent

Appreciated Team of Holiday Rent,

In November of the last year 2019 we could begin our third vacation tour to Chile together with a faithful company in form of another excelent camper from Holiday Rent.

Again we were welcomed like friends and before starting we could enjoy their hospitality in passing a night at the office and got offered all necessary facilities. Like the years before we received again an almost new Patagonia double cabin Camper 4x4 with a properly cleaned cabin. All the features inside were running excellently and so we could begin our travel in a car with five star comfort.

Again our target was Magallanes / Patagonia with the Carretera Austral, to our mind the most exciting part of Chile and Argentina. We travelled the Ruta 5 southwards to Lago Llanquihue in visiting before some Andean valleys like Laguna de Laja with the Volcano Antuco and his by an Eruption formed Embalse. From our overnight stay in Puerto Varas we travelled along the Lago Llanquihue to Ensenada, made a side trip to Petrohue near Lago Todos Los Santos and went then back along the Fjordo Reloncavi to Hornopirén in realizing another side trip in the beautiful Valle Rio Puelo to Llano Grande. In Hornopirén we borded the Ferry to Chaitén and continued the Ruta 7 (Carretera Austral) to La Junta, from where we made another side trip to Raul Marín Balmaceda, an exciting road surrounded by a wonderful landscape with waterfalls, lakes and multicolored rivers with cataracts.

Our next highlight was Puyuhuapi and the nearby situated P.N. Queulat with its Ventisquero Colgante (hanging glacier), which received us unfortunately during a heavy rainstorm, which accompanied us three days long. The idea to save us to the other side of the Andes to Argentina to stop that awful weather was exzellent, because there was straight sunshine, which acompanied us for the great rest of our trip.We crossed the border near Palena in passing the scenic Valle Rio Palena with a multitude of waterfalls, glaciers, rivers and lakes and continued through Trevellin and the P.N. Alerce to San Carlos de Bariloche al Lago Nahuel Huapi, a wonderful town, lake and landscape.Over the Paso Cardenal Antonio Samoré we crossed back to Chile and piloted to Lago Ranco, afterwards to Valdivia and the scenic Pacific Coast and completed our camper vacation at the Lago Villarrica with its exciting and famous volcano. At Temuco Airport La Araucanía we returned the camper with “tears in the eyes”.

Good-bye Team of Holiday Rent and See you again! Lucy & Werner

Araucarias con cabezas 
Atardecer a la Costa Pacífica 
Cena acogedora en el Camper 
Cerca de la Laguna de La Laja 
Costa Pacífica al norte de Valdivia 
Costa Pacífica Chilena al norte de Valdivia 
Costa Pacífica norte de Valdivia 
Costa Pacífico al norte de Valdivia 
Costa Pacífico Chilena al norte de Valdivia a descansar 
Costa Pacífico Chilena al norte de Valdivia en camper 
Costa Pacífico Chilena al norte de Valdivia en la tarde 
Desayuno al Lago Llanquihue de fuera de Puerto Varas 
Descansar en Hornopirén 
El Volcan desde el Lago Villarrica 
En camino Lago Villarrica con el Volcán 
En PN Alerce 
En PN Alerce, Argentina 
Entre Caleta Gonzalo y Chaitén 
Lago Nahel Huapi al frente de San Carlos de Bariloche 
Lago Nahel Huapi frente de San Carlos de Bariloche 
Lago Nahuel Huapi 
Lago Villarrica 
Lago Villarrica con el Volcán 
Laguna de La Laja 
Paisaje en el PN Alerce 
Paso Cardenal A Samoré 
Paso Cardenal A Samuré 
PN Alerce 
PN Alerce al sur de San Carlos de Bariloche 
PN Alerce, Argentina 
PN Queulat 
Portal de la entrada de Palena 
Puente en PN Queulat 
Rumbo Ensenada con el Vn Osorno 
Sunset Pacific coast 
Valle de La Laja 
Valle de La Laja cerca del Vn Antuco 
Valle Rio Palena 
Visitando PN Queulat 
Visitar PN Alerce 
Vn Antuco 
Vn Osorno con el Lago Llanquihue 
Vn Osorno desde Ensenada 
Vn Osorno, vista de Puerto Varas 
Vn Villarrica 

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