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Roadtrip rooftent and paragliding

Already a few months ago my road trip through Chile and Argentina has come to an end and I will never stop looking back on this fantastic time. I was travelling with your Suzuki Jimny with roof tent and my paragliding equipment in the trunk visiting tourist attractions in the north of both countries on my way from one paragliding hotspot to the next. The good thing on travelling alone with a camper and a paraglider is that you never stay alone. I met many people (other paragliding pilots and "pedestrians") and was overwhelmed how friendly I was welcomed by each of them.

Travelling and paragliding in Chile and Argentina is by all means worth to experience!

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PS: More fotos and infos on my blog

Making friends on the road 
Mano del desierto 
Paragliding Chile 
Roadtrip rooftent and paragliding 
Traveling and camp 
Watching the sunset 

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