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Chilean independence day (sept. 18)

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Chile is partying!

With chicha, wine, empanadas and cueca it is celebrated in Chile on September 18… because 212 years of independent history deserve a long weekend of celebrations.

If you will visit this beautiful country during the week of September 16 to 22, we invite you to prepare your best dance steps and enjoy the varied cuisine offered from north to south.

The most traditional parties during the national holidays throughout the country are the fondas, which are very popular parties where drinks and meals are served, similar to a tavern. Traditional games are developed and in some, activities such as selling typical crafts are carried out.

In the capital, the best known is the O’Higgins Park in Santiago. There the official inauguration of the parties takes place, in an act where the authorities of the country dance cueca. You can find dozens of local food, crafts, traditional games and an area to dance cueca, the traditional Chilean dance. Other activities in Santiago are:

  • Fonda las Condes, in the Centroparque esplanade in Parque Araucano.
  • Chilean Week, in the Parque Padre Hurtado de Las Condes.
  • Maipeluza, in Maipú.
  • Chilean party at the National Stadium, in Ñuñoa.

But since not everything entertaining happens in Santiago, you can take advantage of camper touring the rest of the country. An example is Iquique, in the North, which with its beautiful beaches and good weather is presented as one of the favorite destinations for tourists. Another famous destination is the mythical San Pedro de Atacama. La Serena is also known for its beaches and fantastic places such as the Elqui and Limarí valleys. Another destination is the Coquimbo Region.

  • Vegan Fonda in Iquique, an option for those who encourage respect for animals and do not eat meat.
  • Fiesta de la Pampilla, located on the esplanade of the same name, in Coquimbo.

In the V and VI Region, sector of the coast, there are various fondas and events eighteen.

  • In Pichilemu, the venue to be held at the local Aerodrome.
  • Fondas de Puchuncaví and Maitencillo.
  • The great festival of Guatón Loyola, a party that rescues the traditions of the Valparaíso region. Last year it was held at the Ambrosio O'Higgins Urban Park.
  • Creole party of Viña del Mar.

To the south, with a colder climate, horse races and traditional branches are made, where it is celebrated for days in a row accompanied by classic Chilean concoctions. Pucón, Villarrica, Osorno and Puerto Varas are some of the most beautiful places in the extreme south of Chile, destinations not to be missed.

  • Fiesta de la Chilenidad in Villarica, a family event with folk and recreational activities for residents and tourists.
  • In Valdivia, the family inn and festival of traditions, which in 2018 was held at the Corral Castle. It is a perfect time for those looking to enjoy delicious meals and typical games surrounded by nature.
  • Chilean festival in Osorno, which takes place at the SAGO site.
  • Grand Fonda of Puerto Varas, located at kilometer 3 of the road to Ensenada.

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