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Travel through Chile in a camper, bring your bike!

Many nature lovers have discovered mountain biking: a combination of sport in unforgettable landscapes and experiencing them closely.
If you are a "mountain bike crazy", then Chile must be your next destination. Escape the long winter in the northern hemisphere and follow your favorite hobby here in Chile.

You'll be amazed!

Mountain biking chile

Chile is a very long country with more than 6000 km and in every corner of Chile there are other landscapes, climates and sports challenges. In its thousands of kilometers from north to South, Chile is surrounded by the Andes, with heights above 6000 meters and the Pacific Ocean, at an average distance of 300 km from the mountains to the Sea.

At its northern end, the Atacama desert offers us unique landscapes, Altiplano that was once part of the Inca empire, full of history and myths. Whether on your bike or driving your Camper, you can admire the Altiplano, with all the lagunas and indescribable color combinations between heaven and earth. For fans of bicycles, here the terrain is loose and the oxygen content in the air is lower than usual. The surface is sandy and dry, which makes everything slippery. At first you will run out of breath. Over time, your body will also get used to getting less oxygen in the air and you will have a better physical condition!

One of the biggest and most beautiful mountain bike marathons in 3 days is the Atacama Challenger, which is a competition registered in the International Cycling Union calendar. Here runners from at least 20 countries arrive. There he drives through landscapes and areas where otherwise you would not be allowed to drive. An experience for every good mountain biking fan. This race is really a new challenge. You will also find Marathon series calendar dates in the cities of Arica and Copiapó.

The center of the country extends into a Mediterranean climate, where you will find vineyards, semi-arid mountains, semi-wooded and a mild climate throughout the year. You will find large cities, where most of the country's population is concentrated. A Biker will delight at any time of the year in this area of ​​the country, discovering beautiful routes along the roads or epic mountain paths, as well as events and cyclists everywhere. A very fashionable discipline is the Enduro, having competitions practically every weekend, in fact Chile is the seat of the EWS (Enduro World Series) and host of some of the most epic events of the Enduro, the Pacific Enduro Andes. Some places that we recommend are the Bike Park La Parva and the Bike Park Nevados de Chillán, you will find there world class tracks and routes!!!

Around the lake region, you will find virgin nature, beautiful and lush forests surrounded by mountains, volcanoes and lakes which must be tamed by your Mountainbike. The terrain is more accessible here, as it can always rain in this region, even in summer. This region can be compared well with Central Europe. Also, in this region there is a well-known mountain bike marathon in 5 days: the Trans Andes Challenge. Many mountain bikers, amateurs or semi-professionals from around the world accept the challenge, either as an individual competition or as a team with 2 riders.

Even at the end of the world, in Patagonia, there are many charms to explore the unique nature of mountain biking. The climatic challenges are, of course, different. You often drive against strong winds. Even the most remote corners of Chile should not miss the Mountainbike marathons. In recent years, two marathons have been established with stages that now attract good amateur and professional riders: DUE (Ultimate Hope Challenge) with 2 stages and Terra Australis Mountain Bike Race with 4 stages.

To make your mountain bike vacation unforgettable, you should not miss your faithful companion, a Holiday Rent RV camper. Therefore, you can decide flexible, where to ride a mountain bike, also depending on the weather situation. If you like a particularly good region with mountain biking trails, stay there longer with your camper and enjoy full independence, freedom in harmony with nature offered by a camper. Just look at our camper models; there is definitely one that fits to your needs for your adventure. If you have more questions about cycling with a camper in Chile, our team is at your disposal.

Chile and its neighbors offer much to discover with a Camper, pleasantly surprising you from end to end. So that you can plan your trip as well as possible, making the most of your trip to meet natural places that will captivate you, we have prepared information and suggestions that will help you organize your expedition.
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