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Chile’s Beaches....
in the winter and summer!

You don't need the sun to enjoy the beach and sports lovers know it: a good wave for surfing or the perfect wind for kitesurfing can be even more exhilarating.

Chile boasts over 4,000 kilometers of coastline and hundreds of beaches. Many of these represent an attraction for national and international beach-goers and athletes alike.

Check out the best destinations of the North, Central Region, and South of Chile here.


Cifuncho beach is located about 30 kilometers from Taltal in Antofagasta. Its crystal-clear water, white sand, and mild temperature will make you feel like you are in the Caribbean. Hornitos, 90 kilometers away from the city, is also a good alternative.

La Poza, located on Isla Damas in La Serena, offers up breathtaking scenery as well as white sand and clear and calm water. And in Arica, you can enjoy Chinchorro beach as a family, which is also a perfect place to go diving and surfing. In fact, the World Surf League Championship was held right in Arica in 2007. Beginners can practice on the Totoralillo beach 25 kilometers away from La Serena.

La Virgen beach is located 35 kilometers away from Bahía Inglesa, a gorgeous and peaceful beach with turquoise water that offers a one-of-a-kind underwater landscape for diving. Cavancha beach is located in Iquique, which features warm water all year round and good waves for surfing. In Coquimbo we find Playa Blanca, a very family-friendly destination.

Central Region:

The beaches on the central coast are beautiful and some of them are perfect for surfing. These include the beaches of Zapallar (Las Cujas beach), Cachagua, and Maitencillo, in the V Region.

Playa Luna is located in Puchuncaví, which boasts a special touch: it's the country's only nude beach. In that same region, you can also find the beaches of Valparaíso (Las Docas), Viña, Reñaca, and Concón, where Playa Amarilla is located. Here, many people come together to do water sports.

The beach of Santo Domingo, in Santo Domingo, is 20 kilometers long and is the longest beach on the central coast. Its constant, strong winds make it ideal for kitesurfing.

In the VI Region, you can find two perfect beaches for surfing: Puntilla and Punta de Lobos (which was classified as a world surfing reserve in 2013), in Pichilemu. They boast long, stable waves, and in contrast to the majority of the beaches in Chile, Puntilla beach has camping sites to park your camper!


The beaches of the South are known for their colder water, which is why we recommend you take a good wet suit to enjoy a refreshing dip. Playa Duao, in Licantén, or Los Gringos, in Constitución (both in the VII Region) are some of them.

Las Sirenas beach is perfect for doing boating sports, in Pelluhue (VII Region), and it features a beautiful camping site surrounded by nature. Playa Blanca is located in the VIII Region, in Coronel, which receives many visitors during the summer.

And in Valdivia, in the XIV Region, you can find beautiful beaches such as Los Enamorados or Loncoyén, which are surrounded by old Spanish buildings from the 15th century. The beaches of Pucón and Villarrica, farther south, boast great wind for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

*Some of these beaches have bathrooms, showers, dressing rooms, and parking. We suggest you look into this before starting your trip.
**Warning: 9 out of every 10 beaches in Chile are not apt for swimming.
We suggest you consult the maritime authority ( before going to any of them.

Chile and its neighbors offer much to discover with a Camper, pleasantly surprising you from end to end. So that you can plan your trip as well as possible, making the most of your trip to meet natural places that will captivate you, we have prepared information and suggestions that will help you organize your expedition.
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