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La Serena city is placed in the Elqui Valley, one of the three valleys crossing IV Region. Having mild and very hazy temperatures in the coast, in the inner parts of its mountain sides its climate changes to become a very dry ecosystem featuring unique and fascinating microclimates. One example of the aforesaid can be seen in Fray Jorge National Park, an area which presents unusual features allowing trees which regular habitat is in the south of Chile to find an ideal place to live.

From La Serena, it is possible to get to Elqui Valley, a very mystical and mysteriously magnetic place. Known as one of the best coastal cities in the famous “Norte Chico” (Small North), La Serena’s beaches and busy coastal highway called “Avenida del Mar” (Avenue of the Sea) are the meeting point for the youth all year long and particularly in summer. A great deal of stores and first-class restaurants offering an international menu where fish and seafood are the main courses can be found here. In the same way, La Serena’s squares, historic colonial architecture, colorful and traditional fruit and vegetables market known as “La Recova” as the imposing and classic Faro Monumental (Monumental Lighthouse) have given this city a unique look always present in the collective unconscious of visitors.

Near La Serena, neighbor towns offer such beautiful beaches as “La Virgen”, Tongoy, Isla Damas, Morrillos all of them sectors widely valued by visitors.

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Valle del Elqui

Valle del Elqui is recognized worldwide for its clear skies, energy and mysticism. Astronomical tourism, trekking, horseback riding, massages,
relaxation and an excellent gastronomy is what this dream destination offers, located in the foothills of the Andes.

If there is a destination where the climate does not betray, it is undoubtedly the Elqui Valley, in the center-north of Chile. In this place, located about five hours from Santiago de Chile, there are the clearest skies of the southern hemisphere and it is also said that here the magnetic center of the Earth would be, which has attracted travelers for years. Everyone who seeks in their landscape answers to the deepest questions of human life. Blue skies, crystalline rivers, green meadows and an air of tranquility make this place a special destination for those who wish to escape stress. Here the noise does not exist: all live in peace, tranquility and harmony.

The route through this transverse Valley - that is, from the mountain range to the sea - allows us to obtain a spectacular mountain range view from the curtain of the Puclaro Reservoir.

Located in the middle of the impressive greenery of the Elqui Valley, Vicuña is one of the unmissable tourist destinations in the region. One of the main characteristics of this area is that it has at least 300 days and nights totally clear, so that its local observatory Cerro Mamalluca becomes a protagonist for those who wish to see the universe through their telescopes in entertaining astronomical observation tours . Along with the growing offer of themed accommodation and adventure tourism that incorporates the observation of the night sky as a central element, through horseback riding, hiking, trekking and outdoor dining, highlights the emergence of family businesses that based on astrotourism develop innovative products that offer added value to the observation of the stars.

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