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Chile / North / Arica & Iquique  

Arica, entrance gate to the country can be characterized as a desert zone with some oases appearing in the middle of the plain. This city is widely known because of the “Morro de Arica”, heroic act from a daring battle taking place in The War of the Pacific in the 20th century. Arica’s average temperature in the coastal area invites people to enjoy the beaches all year round.

Arica “The City of Eternal Spring” is a zone where various Pre-Columbian towns that left their mark converged; besides, it is also rich in native flora and fauna. On the other hand, Iquique is widely known for the Zona Franca (Duty Free Zone), a 200 hectare business center where steady wholesale commercial and industrial activities are carried out.

The famous ZOFRI, (Zona Franca de Iquique in Spanish) is also a retail shopping center which offers amusing leisure activities.

Undoubtedly, the coastal zone which is the most beautiful and longest in the region allows visitors to swim and do nautical sports nearly the whole year. In the Pampa, and large geographic area in the inner parts of the region, some ghost towns which remind saltpeter exploitation abundance times may still be found. Geoglyphs, petroglyphs and cave paintings form important vestiges which give testimony of the Tiwanaku culture.

In the Andes and the Altiplano Aymara and Atacaman communities still reside performing ancestral customs devoted to quinoa cultivation and camelid breeding. High and snowed mountain peaks, Aymara ceremonial hills, long plains with native vegetable species, lagoons, rivers and wetlands with rich fauna, geysers and thermal baths stand out in Volcán Isluga National Park.

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