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As of November 2 2021, non-resident foreigners will be allowed to enter Chile when in compliance with the requirements.


Our Great National Parks of Patagonia

Our Great National Parks of Patagonia

Have you had the opportunity to see the documentary “Our Great National Parks”, where the former President of the United States Barack Obama, visits the Chilean Patagonia?

No wonder Patagonia is one of the greatest places in the world. They managed to record in a spectacular way the virgin nature with its typical animals such as pumas, penguins, the leopard seal and the condor.

Many of our travelers have been lucky enough to also encounter this fauna, when they have traveled in our campers through Chilean Patagonia. The advantage of traveling in this modality is that you can stay in or near the national parks, being the closest way to connect with the environment.…

The documentary which can be seen on Netflix is ​​definitely a “must-see”. We recommend you see this wonder and get inspired to travel by camper through Patagonia, or if you already did, you will recognize the beautiful landscape where you have been.
If you would like to live an unforgettable experience? Contact us to receive more information about the area and our campers.

Our environment!


Travel by camper and take care of the environment

Holiday Rent RV has been committed to the environment for years. This commitment carries out concrete and effective actions to protect Chilean biodiversity.

  • We take care of the environment:
    One camper rented is one tree planted!
  • Digital documents via email
  • Cassette toilets: allowing for more environmentally save disposal
  • Biodegradable self-care products
  • Dispose responsibly, behave eco-friendly and take care of your surroundings!

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Patagonia 4x4 double cab

Pick-up: Calama
2022/09/01 or later dates close by
Drop-off: Santiago
2022/09/30 or earlier dates close by


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Altiplano 4x4 Comfort

Pick-up: Calama
2022/06/24 or later dates close by
Drop-off: Santiago
2022/07/31 or earlier dates close by


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Andino Camper 4x4

Pick-up: Santiago
2022/09/01 or later dates close by
Drop-off: Calama
2022/10/20 or earlier dates close by


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