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Attention! Chile kicks off the 2018 ski season

Attention! Chile kicks off the 2018 ski season

The main centers of the country have already opened their doors to welcome the hundreds of skiers and snowboarders who come to their fields every year to enjoy Chilean snow. You can also do it in our variety of campers, and thus make the most of the magical atmosphere of the mountain.

In Santiago there are Portillo, La Parva, El Colorado-Farellones and Valle Nevado, all of them with ski centers and/or resorts. Further to the south are Nevados de Chillan, Corralco, Ski Pucon and Antillanca, and there are also other smaller skiing spots such as Antuco, Chapa Verde, El Fraile, Las Araucarias and Lagunillas.

In our vehicles you can settle in one of the incredible centers, or enjoy your stay in our country by visiting several places with your skis. Our variety of 4x4, with excellent heating and 100% equipped allow you to even reach centers in Argentina such as Las Leñas, Chapelco, Cerro Bayo or others. In addition, they have kitchens, which facilitates lunch and dinner.

Chile and its excellent snow are waiting for you!

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Chile and Argentinien Patagonia: glaciers and lakes

Chile and Argentinien Patagonia: glaciers and lakes

Discover Patagonia with the freedom and safety of our campers.
An immense territory with minimal human intervention.
The landscape of the southernmost zone of Chile and Argentina is of great beauty, mixing virgin millenary forests, islands, fjords, glaciers and snowdrifts. It extends from the south of Puerto Montt to Tierra del Fuego.
Besides enjoying the contemplation of nature and its diverse gastronomy, it is ideal for fly fishing, sailing, trekking and rafting.
This a suggestion only and we can help you tailor the best itinerary for your trip.

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Atacama 4x4 Double cabin

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Patagonia 4x4 double cab

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Andino Camper 4x2

Puerto Montt
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