Seasonal and other Special Camper rental offers in Chile

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Q? If I rent a single cabin vehicle, can two people sit in the front while one stays in the camper in the back?

A: Yes, this is possible and permitted by Chilean law.
Q? Are there camping sites in Chile?

A: A lot of them, actually. But it should be noted that the quality of these camping sites do not always live up the European or American standards. To be sure to find one of these camping sites alright, you will be handed a camping guide upon rental.
Q? Can I drive more than 200 km per day? Or what if I don´t drive that much per day?

A: For an extra charge you can increase that number to 300 km / day, even 450 km / day. Shall even 200 km / day be too much for your, you can limit yourself to driving 100 km / day and thereby save a 8 € / day.
Q? Do I have to pay in Euros?

A: No. We would even prefer you paying in Chilean Pesos. But you can also pay in US Dollars. All other currencies upon request.
Q? How can I pay?

A: Either by credit card: We will send you an authorization form that you would have to fill out and either fax it back to us or scan it in and email it back. Or you pay by money transfer: you will find the bank details on the quotation that we will send you.
Q? How do I get to your office?

A: We are located at Carmen Sylva 2449. You can either get here by taxi or by public transportation. We are close to Metro station Tobalaba or Los Leones. If you want us to organize a transfer to you, will gladly help you with this, of course!
Q? I can help spread the word about Holiday Rent due to my profession or other skills. Will I get a discount?

A: Well, that always depends. But it never hurts to ask. Tell us how you can help us and we will see what we can do.
Q? Can I drop off or pickup the Camper in Argentina?

A: No, unfortunately this is not possible as this creates problems when crossing the border.

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