Discover Peru in a camper or motorhome

NEW: Peru by camper! 

Holiday Rent now offers to travel by camper to Peru! Don´t lose this opportunity to get to know this interesting, authentic and beautiful country in a unique way! 

A great adventure is waiting for you, if you are planning to travel by camper to Peru! There are many reasons to travel by camper to Peru: First of all you can travel completely flexible and it is up to you where to go and how long to stay there. Feel the freedom and enjoy the beautiful nature and landscapes where you will drive through. Our camper brings you into the Peruvian world where you will come in contact with the people along the way and their culture.

You are free to go wherever you want, but to make it easier for you we prepared two route suggestions.

Santa Marta de Liray, Parcela 15. Colina, Region Metropolitana, Chile
Telephone: +56 9 9822 3896 & +56 2 2745 1988, Available between 8.30 => 17.30 hrs.
24 hours emergency: + 56 9 7108 8129