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Rivers, Lakes and Volcanoes

Millions of years of volcanic and glacier activity transformed the Region of Lakes into one of the most beautiful lake areas in the world. Located between Temuco and Puerto Montt it is divided into two main areas: Araucanía (between Temuco and Valdivia) and Lakes & Volcanoes (between Valdivia and Puerto Montt). Not disregarding the mystic island of Chiloé [More…]


Patagonia has an area of approximately one million square kilometers, three quarters of which are Argentine and a quarter is territory of Chile. Located on the Chilean side, is the almost unexplored territory of Aysén. Its lands flooded by the ocean and its rainy and cold weather have made up a region of innumerable channels, fiords and narrow gorges. Magallanes (Magellan’s region), the southernmost region in the world, covered by ice, steppes and forests, is considered a land of extreme beauty and [More…]

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