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Arica & Iquique

Arica, entrance gate to the country can be characterized as a desert zone with some oases appearing in the middle of the plain. This city is widely known because of the “Morro de Arica”, heroic act from a daring battle taking place in The War of the Pacific in the 20th century. Arica’s average temperature in the coastal area invites people to enjoy the beaches all year round.

Arica “The City of Eternal Spring” is a zone where [ More…]

The Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert, geographically located in what is known as “El Norte Grande” (The Big North), in which the desert village San Pedro de Atacama has established itself as a vantage point for many excursions. Known worldwide as the driest desert on earth, Atacama Desert comprises of a vast territory involving important archaeological, natural and cultural riches.

A rich archaeological tradition can be found there, Cerro Pintado Geoglyphes and [More…]

La Serena

La Serena city is placed in the Elqui Valley, one of the three valleys crossing IV Region. Having mild and very hazy temperatures in the coast, in the inner parts of its mountain sides its climate changes to become a very dry ecosystem featuring unique and fascinating microclimates. One example of the aforesaid can be seen in Fray Jorge National Park, an area which presents unusual features allowing trees which regular habitat is in the south of Chile to find an ideal place to live.

From La Serena, it is possible to get to Elqui Valley, a very mystical and [More…]

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