About Holidayrent Chile and our motorhome rental business

About Holiday Rent

Now 22 years ago, we realized that Chile and camper tourism was a match made in heaven. The result was the founding of the company Holiday Rent, whose services have encountered a great demand all over the years and until today. We work especially with clients from Europe, North America and Australia, where this form of tourism is already very established.

Camper tourism is no mass product. Thus it suits us well being a rather small company. This way, we can provide our customers with the best, most personalized and most flexible service on the market. Facing an engine breakdown in the middle of nowhere? No problem, since by calling our 24 hour emergency number you can always talk to someone who will personally take care of your problem.
Our service is small, flexible and personalized. The last 22 we went quite well with this philosophy and intend to go on like this. Nevertheless, now more than ever we want to become even better in order to provide our clients with a standard of quality that exceeds their expectations and make their experience in Chile perfect.

You can count on us!

Why Holiday rent?

We work tirelessly to constantly improve our service through innovation and a commitment to making sure that your experience is unique. We want you to experience the pleasure that comes from having a safe and peaceful adventure.

The Holiday Rent team

  Main office Santiago
Director and responsible for maintenance of vehicles and campers, Tourism expert

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Having experience in tourism since 1970, Carlos Corrales participates in companies dedicated to Incoming tourism, knowing Chile and neighbouring countries with its most important tourist attractions.
Very interested in outdoor journeys, 20 years ago he came up with the idea of creating a company to rent Campers and Motorhomes to offer to tourists who want to feel independent in South America to travel into roads, parks and places less known.


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Juan E Buchroithner, born in Chile, Austrian / German descent, has dedicated his professional life to business, but is passionate about travel and nature, which has brought him to know all South America.
More than 20 years ago, due to the invitation of Carlos Corrales to enter the tourism business, both decide to embark on a niche that did not exist in the region until now: camper rentals and the camping equipment.

Client service

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Marlou is from the Netherlands where she graduate as Bachelor in social work. During her studies she travelled on her own to several countries in Asia, Africa and South America. With her passion for travelling, nature and culture she decided to move to Chile. Marlou is enthousiastic about working for Holiday Rent because travelling by camper she experienced the freedom, fun and adventure. Like she said ‘everyone deserves to make at least once in his life a journey like this’.


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Margarita Neira, Chilean, Executive Secretary, Works for Holiday Rent since 2015. During her free time she likes listening to music, watching movies and practicing Yoga.

Vehicle Maintenance

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Rene works for Holiday Rent since 2015 as a driver and assists our team to prepare all the vehicles for their journey. He has lived for a few years in the States and speaks thus Spanish and also English.

Branch Punta Arenas

Punta Arenas branch manager

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Timo comes from Germany and fulfilled his dream from living in another country in 2012 when he moved to Chile. Chile has become his adopted home and –fascinated by the endless attractions of Patagonia- settled down at the end of the world, in Punta Arenas.
Due to his deep connection to nature and his enthusiasm for outdoor activities, he travelled a lot through Patagonia and worked as a tourist guide in the región. It was only a matter of time until he came across Holiday Rent in 2013. Since then he is the contact person and responsable for all rentals in the región and co-founder and manager of the new branch opened in 2015 in Punta Arenas.

Responsible for the Russian Market

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Born in Kazakhstan, she has lived 17 years in Germany. For 4 years ago, she decided to move to Chile, southern Patagonia. Even until the present day, she is very passionate about the impressive nature and the hospitality of the country. In her freetime, she likes to be outdoor and to camp in middle of nature.

Pick-up/Drop-off Assistants
In charge of our fleet in the Atacama region

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Francisco, Chilean, born and raised in Santiago, graduated in tourism and has been working now as a freelance tour guide in San Pedro De Atacama for 10 years. He is very familiar with the region and its surroundings.
In early 2016, he accepted the invitation from Carlos Corrales, whom he knows since he is a child, to support logistics and operation of the company in San Pedro de Atacama.

Assistant for Chile, Peru and Argentina

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Pablo, born in Santiago de Chile, has always been very passionate about travelling. He is fascinated by the rich nature and different landscapes that Southamerica has to offer. Being also very passionate about cars, the perfect way of travelling for him is by vehicle. No wonder that he has been working for Holiday Rent for more than 15 years now, travelling by camper through all the country, aswell as Argentina and Peru.

International Reservation Team:
Product Manager

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Ruth is German and has a master in Latinamerican Studies, Sociology and Spanish Philology. Due to her passion for Latinamerica, she had moved to Chile where she has lived the past almost 10 years. From there, she travelled almost through all the country and also the other latinamerican countries, always fascinated by the so varied landscapes and natures and the warmth of the people.
After working for 6 years in the Holiday Rent´s office in Santiago, she decided to go back to Germany in 2016. She keeps working from Germany for Holiday Rent as sales manager and product manager.
Commercial assistant

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Myrtille, French, is passionated of travels, which allowed her to study in Argentina and Chile for one year. She worked at the Holiday rent agency in Santiago for a few months in 2015 and decided to get back to France to continue her studies of international business. She keeps working in remote and part-time, for Holiday Rent, and is now responsible for developing new customers B&B and B&C in the French market.

Santa Marta de Liray, Parcela 15. Colina, Region Metropolitana, Chile
Telephone: +56 9 9822 3896 & +56 2 2745 1988, Available between 8.30 => 17.30 hrs.
24 hours emergency: + 56 9 7108 8129