Chile COVID-19: Requirements to enter Chile

Chile / Requirements to enter Chile 

Requirements for entering Chile

Below we will try to keep you up to date with links to the latest COVID19 related info and requirements as well as get you started on where to fullfill these requirements.

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Travel requirements and related info:
  • Requirements and protocols for travellers can be found on
  • “Traveler’s Affidavit” form login page
    ES - EN
  • Mobility Pass
    (Large number of language options available below the login form)
  • Frequently Asked Questions about changes to the Protected Borders Plan

Chile's COVID-19 and vaccination status
  • The official goverment coronavirus page
  • The daily COVID-19 counts
  • Daily reports by the Ministry of health (MINSAL)
  • Vaccination plan and counters
  • The "Frontiers protected" plan
  • Chile's "Paso a Paso" action plan

For your convenience
  • All diplomatic missions in Chile

Travel to Chile: 5 steps you must follow.

Plan COVID-19, Viajar a Chile

+56 957 284 467
+56 957 284 467
Available between 8:00 y 17:30 hrs. Chile Standard Time
Address: Santa Marta de Liray 15-2
Colina, Region Metropolitana, Chile
+49 1522 7673551
+49 1522 7673551
Available between 9:00 => 18:30 hrs. Central European Time