Chile and Argentina, Patagonia: glaciers and lakes

Chile / South  

Chile and Argentina, Patagonia: glaciers and lakes

7 Days / 6 nights
November to April

- National park ‘Torres del Paine’ (Chile)
- National park ‘Pali Aike’ (Chile)
- ‘Tiere del fuego’ and ‘Ushuaia’ (Chile/ Argentina)
- National park ‘Los Glaciares’ (Argentina)

Day 1 Punta Arenas – Puerto Natales
( 265 Km / ca. 4,5 hrs Traveltime )
Holiday Rent will organize a transfer to bring you to our office in Punta Arenas. All the explanation about the trip will be in English, German or Spanish. Drive from Punta Arenas to Cerro Sombrero by ferry across the Magellan Strait to Tierra del Fuego.

Day 2 Cerro Sombrero – Tolhin
( 314 km / ca. 5 hrs Traveltime )
Drive through the vast steppes of Tierra del Fuego along the Atlantic Ocean to the Argentine city of Rio Grande. Continue to Tolhin located on the beautiful lake "Lago Fagnano"

Day 3 Ushuaia N.P. „Tierra del Fuego“
( 125 Km / ca. 2,5 Hrs Traveltime )
Sightseeing of Ushuaia with continuation to the N.P. "Tierra del Fuego"

Day 4 N.P. „Tierra del Fuego“
( 20 Km )
Visit to the N.P. "Tierra del Fuego", there are various activities in the park.

Day 5 Ushuaia – Lago Blanco
( 300 Km / ca. 5 Hrs Traveltime )
Drive towards Cameron to visit the King Penguin colony.

Day 6 Cameron - N.P. Pali Aike
( 330 Km / ca. 5,5 hrs Traveltime )
Visit the king penguin colony. Continue to Porvenir, the capital of the Chilean part of Tierra del Fuego. Ferry crossing the Magellanstreet.

Day 7 N.P. Pali Aike - Puerto Natales
( 255 km / ca. 3 hrs Traveltime )
Visit of the volcano craters in the park Pali Aike with a small cave. Hike about 3.5 hours. In the surrounding you will find volcanoes and lava fields. Continue to Puerto Natales.

Day 8 Puerto Natales – N.P. Torres del Paine
( 160 KM / ca. 2,5 hrs Traveltime )
Drive to the N.P. Torres del Paine with stopover at the reserve "Cave of Milodon". The Milodon is the extinct Patagonian giant sloth. Its remains can be visited in the cave.

Day 9 N.P. Torres del Paine - Hostaria Las Torres
( ca. 25 Km )
Hike to the "BASE DE TORRES" approx. 6.5 hours (optional hike on a lake at will)

Day 10 Drive trough the park to LAGO PEOHE
( ca. 40 Km )
On the drive through the park, visit of waterfalls as well as smaller hikes to viewpoints.

Day 11 Lago Peohe – Lago Gray
( ca. 30 Km )
Continue to Lago Gray, hike to the viewpoint of the glacier Gray. It is possible to visit the main administrative building of the park to learn more about the park.

Day 12 Lago Gray – Calafate
( ca. 380 Km / 5 hrs Traveltime )
Drive over the romantic village of Cerro Castillo on the Argentine border. Passing impressive landscapes past rocky cliffs with Condornestern, border crossing to Argentina with Ziehl El Calafate.

Day 13 Visit of the glacier Perito Moreno in El Calafate
( ca. 120 Km / hrs Traveltime )
Drive to Puerto Natales to visit the glacier.

Day 14 Driving back to Punta Arenas
( ca. 550 Km / 6 hrs Traveltime )
Return to Punta Arenas. Drive to the secluded Laguna Parriar which is located in the same national park. A short walk along the lagoon leads you through the Patagonian jungle to beautiful Viewpoints.

Day 15 Laguna Parriar – End point of the journey
( ca. 40 Km / 1 hr Traveltime )
Together we will check the camper and we will organize a transfer to bring you back to the center or airport.

End of the tour.

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